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Commercial Freezer Repair

We here at Commercial Freezer Repair are proud to say that we can fix any issue with restaurant, supermarket and grocery store freezers. We have the best technicians in the industry on call 24 hours a day. Call us today for more information!

When commercial freezer malfunctions, the owner needs to call for commercial freezer repair services. Restaurant owners need commercial freezer repairs when their commercial freezers break down. Supermarket and grocery stores need commercial freezer repair services when they are not able to keep food cold enough in their walk-in refrigerators or on store shelves. You can find commercial freezer repairs near me right here at our company!

Our licensed technicians can help you to repair all types of commercial refrigeration, from sub zero freezer repair o deep freezer repair. With decades of experience, we will not be guessing what could the issue be, but instead we get right to the commercial freezer repair.

There are many commercial refrigeration and commercial freezer repairs near me, but not all of them will be licensed professionals with the experience that we have at our company. You can call us for commercial freezer repair services if you need your commercial freezers repaired fast! We do dispatch out technicians as soon as possible to prevent any lost to your business.

The commercial freezer repair services we offer include: diagnostic, troubleshooting, refrigeration maintenance and repairs for any commercial or residential use. We will go above and beyond to make sure that your commercial freezers are working at their best during all hours of operation in NYC!

How much does it cost to fix a freezer?

The cost of commercial freezer can vary depending on how complicated it is and if new parts are needed. For example, a commercial refrigerator with no cooling system will require an entire replacement unit which could cost around $1800-$2200 whereas a commercial fridge that just needs gaskets for the doors would only cost he fraction of that. At times the cost of commercial freezer repair can be more than the commercial freezer itself.


With the nonfunctional commercial freezer, business are at risk for major losses such as food spoil and loss of business and long term customer base.


The commercial freezer repair can be completed by a professional commercial refrigerator technician who will have the knowledge and experience to get your commercial freezer up and running as quickly as possible.


All commercial freezers are susceptible to failure, but fortunately most problems with commercial refrigerators are easy to diagnose (and even easier to fix).

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